Why blog for business?

blog for businessMost of us have read a blog from time to time. In fact, you’re doing it right now so I’m guessing it’s not an alien concept to you. But often, the power behind these business blogs is often underestimated.

When fully exploited, business blogs can showcase a company’s expertise on a particular topic and within a particular industry area. They are also an excellent way to reach out to journalists with news and PR. If you are seen as knowledgeable or with views on a particular issue you can often be approached for opinion pieces and comment, interviews and articles. Finally, blogs are an excellent way for increasing your searchability online. Rich with long tail keywords across different categories your blog posts can attract visitors who are indirectly interested in your industry.

You can write a blog yourself or outsource the copywriting to an agency or team like the one we have here at Digi Toolbox. Whichever option you go for you want employ some of these great blogging features and tips:

1. Group your posts by categories, keywords (tags) and author. This increases searchability but also user experience. If a visitor is looking for information on SEO you can provide a selection of posts for them to read – just by tagging the relevant posts ‘SEO’. Equally if a visitor likes a particular author’s articles them they can find all the posts written by that one person quickly and simply – importantly keeping them on your site longer.
2. Make use of the comments function but ensure you have an approval and moderation process in place. Allowing visitors to leave comments on your blog helps encourage engagement and build relationships however to prevent spamming, liable, defamatory and inappropriate comments it is advisable to actively moderate this function.
3. Use images! Make your posts and articles visually interesting with images and multimedia but don’t forget those all important alt tags.
4. Email newsletter integration is a great way to repurpose your blog posts and push more people to your website from their email inbox.

We can help and advise you with all aspects of setting up a blog on your website right through to helping you with the copywriting. Fire your questions at us!