Win Win Or No Deal

Win Win Or No DealWe have a different approach to many web design companies, we hire no sales staff! That’s right, all our staff are either geeks or boring (work in accounts, no offence meant!). When you meet or speak to any of our staff, the aim is to deliver what you want, not what we want to sell. We believe in a Win Win or no deal approach. If we can’t offer what you want, please don’t deal with us for that project; but feel free to come back if we can help out on other projects in the future.

Our aim is to build your trust and create a successful working relationship that will last. Why get the quick buck now and have a high client turn over? We have only lost 1 client in 7 years, and this was due to the sole trader ceasing to trade. We feel that is a great testament to our Win/Win approach. If you don’t win and spread the word of our great work, then we don’t win.

So why not give us a call 01489 297070 and any of our geeks will happily chat through your project.