Save On Call Costs

Save On Call Costs
We are taking on more and more customers wanting to save money on their call costs. To save on call costs we are able to reduce the ppm (pence per minute) you pay for making calls. We can also help you save on call costs by offering you NGNs (Non-Geographic Numbers) that your customers phone but passing on a rebate to you!

Simple Example 1:

  • You make and receive 10,000 minutes worth of calls (both inbound and outbound); and pay on average 5ppm to make a call. Therefore your monthly bill is £500 for calls.
  • We could offer you an NGN that gives you a rebate of 2ppm and bring your average call cost down to 2ppm wiping your monthly bill clean!

Simple Example 2:

  • Use our hosted telephony handsets, which come with free calls! Now that’s how to save on call costs!
  • If we supply you with an NGN, you could end up making money!

We have worked with clients who have websites and are looking to monetise it; we have provided NGNs to gain a rebate, and a saving on their call costs in their office.

If you are looking to save on call costs or phone line rental then please feel free to contact us.