Is your website secure? Not sure?

Do you know if your website is secure? Do you know how to check if your website is secure? What happens if your site gets hacked?

Website security is only an issue after it’s been compromised! We have met with many clients who are happy their site is secure, but asked to prove it they go very quite. You could hire an “ethical hacker” (as they’re known as) who can do penetration tests and all sorts of security checks…. but how often should they be used, daily, weekly, yearly? Are they worth the cost at hundreds of pounds a day?

We have been working on a way of providing this service, at a much reduced cost whilst trying to make it independent of us to help provide confidence in the findings. Therefore website securewe have partnered up with SiteLock, who independently verify that the website is secure and display a security certificate to confirm that. This will put potential customers and people browsing at ease (and site owners), knowing that the site is safe and secure.

We offer 3 different levels of service:

Basic Premium Enterprise
Pages checked 25 500 2500
Malware scan Daily Daily & auto fix Daily & auto fix
Daily FTP scanning no yes yes
SQL injection scan once yes yes
Cross site scripting (XSS) once yes yes
Trust seal yes yes yes
Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring yes yes yes
Network Security Scanning no yes yes
Advanced Security Scanning no no yes
Virus Scan no no yes
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 Cost per month(+ vat)  £6.99  £18.99  £30.99

If you would like to find our more, or order a SiteLock to make sure your website is secure, please contact us.