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Archive for May 2013

SEO: What's changing with Google in the next few months

We constantly monitor what is going on in the SEO world, and what’s changing with Google. Matt Cutts works for Google, specialising in Spam, but is also very knowledgeable on SEO within Google. He has recently posted a video where he suggests some of the changes that will happen to Google and how that will affect SEO.…

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How does a search engine work?

There are over a thousand different factors that Google use in their algorithm to decide who appears where in the Search Engine Results Page (aka the SERP). It’s also worth noting that SEO has changed over the past few years with updates to their algorithms, the 2 biggest types of updates were nicknamed Panda and…

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Guaranteed Search Engine Optimisation Results

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can sometimes be shrouded in mystery, which we have tried to dispel and create 2 simple options (active and passive) to make it easy to choose which works best. On top of that, to give confidence in our service, we offer Guaranteed Search Engine Optimisation; full refund if no improvements! In this…

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