Guaranteed Search Engine Optimisation Results

Guaranteed Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) can sometimes be shrouded in mystery, which we have tried to dispel and create 2 simple options (active and passive) to make it easy to choose which works best. On top of that, to give confidence in our service, we offer Guaranteed Search Engine Optimisation; full refund if no improvements! In this post we hope to explain how search engines work, and how we work with them to produce successful results. We will primarily be referring to Google, as that is the most commonly used search engine; however we work with all the main search engines.


Our Method

We have mastered a way to create backlinks using good and trusted methods, but in a scalable way to increase positions in the SERP. We have partnered up with a team of writers, editors, .edu specialists and other webmasters. We currently have the capacity to create thousands of backlinks from unique IPs from all over the world without leaving a footprint for Google to follow. We do not use any private network or black hat (bad) SEO software to create backlinks which makes us stand out from the rest.

Our tried and tested methodology in 10 steps:
Guaranteed Search Engine Optimisation

  1. We grow the number of unique IP backlinks to your website over time, not just one time creation in a heavy hit that the search engines would spot a mile away.
  2. We don’t just create hundreds on links on one page; we grow the links from a variety of sources. The backlinks we create come from article contextual links, social booking sites and blogs.
  3. Article contextual links are paramount in link building; our writers create a unique article and put it through a stringent inspection process before publishing.
  4. Our writers are instructed to create two alternate anchor tags in addition to the main one at their discretion per article to keep it looking natural.
  5. Our social bookmarking back links are grown naturally, created by real people with genuine social bookmarking site accounts.
  6. Educational institutions websites tend to end with .edu (rather than .com etc); links from these types of sites have high value with Google.
  7. We have a proprietary pinging system to let the search engines know that they should take a look at the page where we’ve just created the back link to help speed up the results.
  8. We take ranking snapshots for the key words / key phrases to check we are on the right track and allow us to adapt if not.
  9. To ensure your site has the best chance of moving up the rankings; you’ll receive a minimum of 75 unique IP backlinks per month and 1 .edu back link per month for each active key phrase; and 1 .edu backlink for each passive key phrase. This is averaged out over a 4 month cycle to help keep the link building looking natural.
  10. We ask for the main key phrase and URL; and then a related URL from your site to spread some of the back links to keep it looking natural and avoid any penalisation from Google.


Guaranteed Results

We use an independent tool that monitors where your site appears in the search engine results for your chosen keywords. Although we use this tool on a regular basis to monitor our own success and other elements, the monthly report is sent directly to you from the third party tool to independently verify the search engine positions.

If after the first 4 months (as per our campaign cycle) you’ve seen no improvements on the position of your website within the search results for your active (not passive) keywords we will give you a full refund.


Example Calculation

If you have the 7 active keywords and 7 passive keywords, you can expect (7 x 300) + (7 x 3) = 2121 quality backlinks during a campaign cycle per month. Each cycle lasts 4 months since we drip create links to keep them looking natural. These back links are permanent, and have a 95%+ stick rate over long periods of time.



Hopefully that all makes sense, but please note it’s written by a geek! If you have any questions or need to talk to a real person to explain it in human speak; please feel free to contact us. We also offer other Search Engine Optimisation services.