SEO: What's changing with Google in the next few months

What's changing with GoogleWe constantly monitor what is going on in the SEO world, and what’s changing with Google. Matt Cutts works for Google, specialising in Spam, but is also very knowledgeable on SEO within Google. He has recently posted a video where he suggests some of the changes that will happen to Google and how that will affect SEO. This new update is nicknamed Penguin 2.0 after the Penguin update that was applied last year to how Google ranked websites.

So what’s changing with Google in the next few months:

  • Google will still give preference to high quality content that “users love, bookmark, come back to and visit over and over again”. Our guaranteed SEO package naturally supplies bookmarks.
  • They will penalise paid links and paid websites that attempt to boost the ranking of other websites by linking to those other websites.Our guaranteed SEO package naturally supplies content that has a link back rather than paid linking.
  • They are making two algorithm changes that will significantly affect the ranking of sites in sectors that are particularly spammy.
  • Penguin 2.0 will do a better job of giving sites who are clearly an authority in their space a higher ranking.  Which suggest the sooner you start optimising the better!

Other interesting changes related to SEO and security are:

  • Improved detection of hacked websites. This probably means your site is more likely to be blacklisted by Google when you are hacked and that it will be blacklisted quicker. Maybe time to review your website hosting?
  • A possible differentiation between sites that are hacked and sites that serve up malware. Our SiteLock service will daily monitor your website for this.
  • Google Webmaster Tools will be providing more concrete details and “example URLs” that you can go to to diagnose your site.

Many websites have seen their position and traffic dramatically reduce over the past few years after 2 major streams of SEO updates were launched Panda & Penguin. If you want to find out how to increase your position in Google searches and increase traffic; please contact us and we’ll happily chat it through.