5 Benefits of Hosted Telephones

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You may have seen companies advertise hosted telephony and wonder what it is? More importantly how it could benefit you and your company. Hosted telephones effectively remove the need for physically connecting people to different departments, ensuring that people are connected to the department they need to speak to. However there are other benefits as well such as-

  1. Can work on a range of devices

This is ideal for small businesses where people may get called out (for example if you are an estate agent and you get an urgent call at the office you could still be connected, rather than having someone at the office give you a number for them to call you back.)

It is also important to note that increasingly employees often want to use their own devices themselves, as they feel more comfortable using hosted telephonethem (it also means you do not have to train them to use a new device, ensuring they focus more on being productive than how their company laptop or smartphone works!)

  1. Keep your numbers

Businesses change all the time, either growing or downsizing. Often this means moving locations and this in turn means having to change numbers. This also means time spent updating websites, ordering new business cards etc, all of which equal wasted time and money. With hosted telephones the number moves with you!

  1. Better image

A hosted telephony system can make a company seem bigger than they are and this in turn can help boost sales and marketing (as well as providing a better overall customer experience!)

This may sound silly but the sad fact is people do judge on image. Little things like this can make a big difference to how a potential customer judges you.wireless hosted phone

  1. More flexible working

With this kind of system it is much easier to work from home or while travelling, id
eal for people who want to work shifts or have to look after children while working. Having more flexible work patterns can also be an attractive benefit for potential new employees as well (something you can use to your advant

  1. Keep going

Unexpected things can happen. For example someone might find asbestos on your business premises and you’d have to evacuate the building. With a hosted telephone system you don’t have to close for long periods (and not lose customers in the process!)

  • As an extra bonus

A lot of these additional benefits also create reduced costs and increased business opportunities. For example if more people can work from home then this can mean fewer costs in the office. Likewise being able to respond to work issues on the phone while out can also save time and in the long term, this will also save money.

Hosted telephones are ideal for a range of businesses both big and small. If you would like to know more contact us today so we can find the right hosted telephony package to suit your business.