Ten benefits of Cloud IT you should know about

Are you considering investing in Cloud IT? You1139316_45970912 may be wondering how it could benefit your business. What you may not know are ten potential benefits that could make a considerable difference to your business, regardless of whether you run a small start up or a big corporation.


  1. Effective for emerging markets and startups- A number of countries in emerging economies do not have the same infrastructure as more established nations. Having access via the cloud creates a more level playing field. This is equally true for startups looking to reduce costs while at the same time running their businesses efficiently.
  2. Easier and quicker upgrades- The cloud makes it easier as you can get patches quickly, ensuring that everyone can have the same access regardless of the device they are using, as well as patches that can be essential for removing vulnerabilities.
  3. Access anywhere and anytime- With cloud IT systems you can access data from a wide variety of computers. There are a number of benefits to this- for example if someone is more comfortable handling a Mac rather than a PC they can still do so using the same data from someone using a different device.
  4. Reduced upfront costs- One potentially expensive cost is to set up your own servers or sharing them with other businesses. With the cloud you don’t need them so you can remove that upfront cost (and this is just one example of how you can reduce upfront costs).
  5. Reduce long term costs- If you do not need to set up your own servers this also means you don’t need to spend money working on hardware maintenance. Furthermore this can also result in reduced energy costs!
  6. Fewer IT departments- You don’t need to pay for specialist IT technicians (nor do you have to pay for people to train them) further saving money in the long term.
  7. Increased security- Cloud IT companies tend to have better access to tighter security.
  8. Better flexibility- Are you expecting a load more demand over the summer or Christmas? Cloud IT offers flexibility.
  9. Easier to monitor projects- If everyone has access to the same information it can be much easier to get projects done to deadline and generally make processes more streamlined.
  10. Better for the environment- Perhaps one of the more surprising benefits of cloud IT is the fact it can save on carbon. In effect this is because you do not need large amounts of hardware and can cut back on the amount of electricity needed to produce. Not only does this save money for you but also reduces a considerable amount of carbon in the process!


Of course in order to get the full benefit from cloud IT you need to use a company that offer the most efficient services. Contact Digi Toolbox today to find out more about how to get the most effective cloud IT services for your business.