10 Reasons Your Website Needs Web Chat

How do search engines work?The pop up web chat feature is becoming increasingly popular and many are tipping this function to be the number one must have in business websites in 2015.Last year saw corporates jump on board with Sky, HSBC, Virgin and many more launching a web chat service to talk directly to their customers and prospects.

So here are the Digitoolbox Top 10 reasons why your business needs a Web Chat function on YOUR Website:

1) Ultimate Lead Gen: This service allows you to talk directly to customers or prospects when they are on your site, looking at your service. How many leave with a question or concern that you never even get the chance to discuss.

2) Multi-Task: This service adds a new channel of communication and the person answering these exchanges can be busy doing their day job whilst manning this service. This saves you and your customers’ time and money.

3) First Impressions Count: New visitors can be talked to quickly to help them find what they were looking forward and this will really wow them with your customer service skills.

4) Low Cost: This service can bolt onto any website with a huge amount of work. It takes under 5 minutes to set up and you don’t even need your web designer to be involved! 5) Multi-language: It is an option to have this web chat answered by someone in a different language or you could use a simple text convertor (free on Google) to respond – now you’re international!

6) Your Name, In Lights: Custom design your chat icons, pop-up windows, and invitation screens with your company logo – and even include your own operators’ photos to add a personal touch.

7) Track your Stat: You can review and tweak this system by looking deeper into conversion rates and chat volumes.

8) Customer Feedback: You can create a post-chat survey to let visitors evaluate their experience or ask any questions about improving customer service and expanding quality support.

9) Scalable: The leading chat software providers allow you to add chat operators as your business expands.

10) If you use Digitoolbox this service starts at £20 per month! Plus, right now your first month is FREE!

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