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Archive for February 2015

Average Broadband Speeds Now Over 22MB!

This impressive figure offered by OfCom just this morning had me choking on my Corn Flakes. It would appear that this is the figure for UK households, as I would suggest the business broadband world is nowhere near this developed.The advent of Virgin Cable and BT FFTC (Infinity) has pushed this average up to the…

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You Web Life Beyond the Grave!

Whilst many of us would rather not consider our ultimate demise, right now Facebook is making it’s users consider what happens to their account after their death! Facebook has historically struggled with what happens to profiles once the owner passes away. The idea of deleting an entire Facebook life is unpalatable for many people. In…

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Why Should Your Business Blog?

Here at Digitoolbox HQ we are huge fans of blogging. They are simple, original and fun! There are also some other great benefits for your business. It is now pretty well known that Google loves fresh content and what is fresher than an informative blog. This can really help with your Google ranking and push…

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