Why Should Your Business Blog?

WordPress Training CourseHere at Digitoolbox HQ we are huge fans of blogging. They are simple, original and fun! There are also some other great benefits for your business. It is now pretty well known that Google loves fresh content and what is fresher than an informative blog. This can really help with your Google ranking and push you up the Google search places, simply because Google wants to offer the latest information. A well written blog can also single you out as an expert in your field which can only be a good thing for sales. A blog is also a great way to engage with your site visitors on a regular basis across a huge range of topics.

So a few quick tips on writing a truly excellent blog:

Write What You Love: Too many people see blogging as a mere way of selling to people. It is the opposite of that. A blog is a way of voicing a view or opinion which some will agree with and some won’t. This is why it is important to write with passion about something you love. This will come across in the text. There is nothing worse than a blog that is simply trying to sell, sell, sell. Your visitors are not stupid and will see right through a biased sales piece.

Think SEO….but Not Too Much: As a regular blog offers fresh content which will push you higher in Google it is also important to keep one eye on SEO. So you need to make sure you are hitting and including keywords but not to the point where it is obvious what you are trying to do!

Keep Going: A blog is for life and not just for Christmas. The true aim of a blog is to encourage repeat visits to see what has been posted next. So if you are going to start a blog keep it up to date or don’t bother starting. There is nothing worse than visiting a site where the blog hasn’t been updated in 18 months.

Do you have a top blogging tip?