You Web Life Beyond the Grave!

facebookWhilst many of us would rather not consider our ultimate demise, right now Facebook is making it’s users consider what happens to their account after their death!

Facebook has historically struggled with what happens to profiles once the owner passes away. The idea of deleting an entire Facebook life is unpalatable for many people. In 2009 Facebook allowed users to turn their page into memorial page where it would stay in status for ever. However, today marked a big change where you can now appoint a legacy contact. This trusted friend or family member will be able to post announcements and messages on your memorialized timeline, respond to new friend requests, and update your profile picture and cover photo.

This new addition to Facebook follows on from Yahoo Japan’s announcement in 2014 which allowed users to send a “Yahoo Ending”. This service will send out a final digital goodbye to friends and loved ones before wiping all of your personal data from the company’s system forever.

So who will you entrust as your legacy contact?