Average Broadband Speeds Now Over 22MB!

iStock_000044223666_LargeThis impressive figure offered by OfCom just this morning had me choking on my Corn Flakes. It would appear that this is the figure for UK households, as I would suggest the business broadband world is nowhere near this developed.The advent of Virgin Cable and BT FFTC (Infinity) has pushed this average up to the UK target of 30MB – this is what the almighty EU define as “Superfast”.

It would be extremely interesting to see the averages for business as from our experience and anecdotal evidence it would seem this would be a dream for most businesses in the UK. We know that FTTC is a home product and the networks would much rather businesses use their fibre lease line products (and they should as no broadband, even FTTC is a business product as it has no time to fix) but these can be beyond the budget of many SME’s.

The real issue is something needs to give here as, like households, we need strong, stable connections. At home we want Netflix, one touch ordering, Skype and live streaming but in the office we need to look at SIP (VoIP), collaborative working, online software and video conferencing.

So tell us by commenting below – who fast is you home v office broadband.