Get Mobile or Lose in Google

iStock_000024943356_MediumAs of the 1st April 2015 Google will actively penalise businesses with websites that are not responsive to mobile devices. This means that it will hurt your online presence if your website does not take into account the differing screen sizes of smartphones and tablets. This represents a real double whammy for business owners as not only are they missing a huge number of visitors via a mobile device but their Google ranking will actually be affected by neglecting these users (even if they visit on a laptop or PC).

This is only worse when you consider the following statistics:

  • Over 73% of Adults own a Smartphone device
  • Most business users in the UK carry an average of 3 internet enabled devices
  • Over 25% of mobile users buy via their devices – this is rising year on year
  • The average daily internet use of UK adults is more than double what it was in 2010. This has been attributed to increased mobile usage

By now, you must have come to the same conclusion as so many other businesses in the UK. It is time to mobilise your website. A few things you need to consider before you start are:

Simplicity: Remember this is on a mobile so keep it clear and concise. Your standard site can be as elaborate as you require for desktop users but on the smaller screen, the visitor wants the plain and simple facts.

Layout: You must consider the more portrait screen layout of a mobile device compared to the landscape view on a desktop or laptop. The visitor will scroll down and not across so think linear in terms of your design.

Brand: It is vital that you keep things consistent. If I visit your mobile site, app or standard website I need to know it really is your company. This means corporate colours, images, copy and logos must remain constant.

Digitoolbox only provide websites that are 100% responsive, so please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss how your website is seen.