Heard About Microsoft Edge?

microsoft-logoThe new edition of the ever-dominant Windows platform (Windows 10) will see some new features to the Microsoft Edge service. In case you don’t know, Microsoft Edge is the next-generation replacement to the aging Internet Explorer (IE) platform. This new service promises to be faster, more intuitive and streamlined compared to it’s predecessor.

Microsoft Edge is currently being tested by users across the globe with some impressive reviews. It will officially be released the 29th July 2015. It will also come with some exciting new additions which will enhance the experience of the internet user.

The main change is the addition of Microsofts Personal Assistant, Cortana. This addition will assist with bridging the gap between mobile handsets and other devices. Cortana is fast becoming a great addition to everyone search function.

Microsoft Edge will also allow users to draw on and annotate webpages without the use of any additional software. This will become increasingly popular for those who share, review or update websites, allowing them to highlight specific areas of concern or interest.

There will obviously be a greater tie between mobile phone browsers and traditional PC/Laptop/Tablet browsers as the service providers attempt to provide the same experience accorss peoples devices.