It Has Finally Been Confirmed…

iStock_000024943356_MediumWe all knew it was coming but this week a senior Google executive confirmed it. We can now reveal that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.” However, it did not elaborate what the other eight countries were. However, Digi Toolbox can now reveal the truth – the UK is included within this list and it is nearer the top than you might think.

Google UK-Ireland Managing Director, Vice President of Sales and Operations Eileen Naughton announced during the London Tech Week that significantly more than 50 percent of searches in the UK are done on a mobile device. It is also true that an increasing number of these are out of the office or home too

This means that businesses in the country should strive to make their websites more mobile friendly to rank in search results. It means that mobile is no longer an after-thought. In fact it must be the primary consideration. And it’s not the only thing they have to consider.

UK businesses must make a point to keep company details – e.g. hours of operation, complete address – accurate. This way, Google will be able to tell customers if the business location they’re heading to is closed or not.