Spam Down, But A New Threat Emerges

IT supportThere was some extremely interesting news regarding Spam this week (the junk mail, not the canned meat). Whilst we seem to hear about cyber attacks every day – especially the high profile ones. It would appear that good old spam seems to be on the decrease!

It was also revealed that the number of high-profile hacks, phishing and malware-based attacks actually fell slightly in June, as one in 2,448 e-mails was a phishing attack, down from one in 1,865 in May. It would seem that Phishers continued to concentrate their efforts on each the tiniest and largest firms, with enterprises with one to 250 workers experiencing the foremost attacks, and firms with quite two, 501 workers in second place. The number of vulnerabilities additionally declined in June, right down to 526 reports from 579 in May. There was additionally one zero-day vulnerability reported last month, stemming from Adobe Flash Player, constant variety as in May.

“This increase in activity lends a lot of proof to the thought that with the continuing drops in e-mail-based malicious activity, attackers area unit merely moving to alternative areas of the threat landscape,” Ben Nahorney, cybersecurity threat analyst at Symantec, aforementioned within the report.

However, it is not time to destroy your firewalls just yet – social media attacks have risen by a massive 80% this year. It would seem the old way of hacking is slowing down and the hackers are finding new ways into your business and your personal files.