New Samsung Tablet Is Lighter Than Air

Tab2Samsung are in a strange position in both the mobile and tablet world right now. It would almost seem like they are simply mimicking Apple and not pushing out on their own. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is being cheekily referred to as the “Samsung Galaxy Air” by many insiders but could the joke be on Apple.

Just like the personal razor market, there seems to be a certain element of one-up-man ship going on. So when one razor manufacturer comes out with a 5 blade razor, the competition hits back with a 6 blade version (why not jump straight to a 7 blade one?). Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 is the thinnest and lightest tablet now available. It is gearing up to be a true contender against the iPad Air range.

The tablet will be available in two sizes, one at a 9.7-inch, the other at 8-inch. The larger tablet weighs 389 grams, while the smaller one comes at 265 grams. In contrast, Apple’s iPad Air 2 weighs in at a massive 439 grams.Both Samsung’s tablets come fitted in a metal frame that measures 5.6 mm in thickness. In addition, the products feature a 2048 by 1536 pixel Super AMOLED screen.

The display, combined with the compact physical design, make the tablets perfect for reading and viewing digital content, according to the South Korean electronics giant. However, the products have a slightly lower screen resolution over the 2560 by 1600 pixel displays found in their predecessors.

The price for either device is not yet known but it is rumoured to be available in the UK below the price of it’s Apple rival. They both come with a fingerprint scanner, along with Samsung’s eight-core chip, which has two quad-core processors, one running at 1.9GHz, the other at 1.3 GHz.