The Next Change From OFCOM

ofcomOfcom (the communications regulator here in the UK) have recently taken the decision to make moving broadband suppliers follow a process more similar to that which the phone line providers have been using for years…..

OFCOM have been very busy over the last few months with lots of good, bad and indifferent announcements that are changing the landscape of our business telecoms world. So hot on the heels of the extremely confusing changes to NGN comes the change to changing broadband providers.

This time though this looks like a move for the benefit of businesses. It has scrapped the requirement for a MAC code to move between broadband providers!

This was a time consuming and often frustrating process, so ultimately it often results in consumers staying put. This is a real missed opportunity in terms of cost-saving and optimising the performance of your broadband connection, but an understandable choice in a world where we all seem to have way to many things on our to-do-lists!

In June 2015 the communications regulator will make life easier for those who want to switch, by removing the need to obtain a MAC. From 20th June, anyone, whether that be an individual or business, looking to switch supplier will ONLY need to contact their chosen new provider.