Is Twitter Right For Your Business?

Twitter-128One of the most frequent questions we get from small and large businesses alike here at Digi Toolbox HQ is “should we be using Twitter?” or “Is there a business benefit to social media?”

Well, there are about 1 billion registered Twitter users, with 241 million monthly active users. The average Twitter user has 208 followers. Topics are as wide ranging as Swedish Death Metal to flower arranging ideas – this is one hell of a market place to ignore!

So let’s get back to basics. Twitter was designed not so much for friends and family but for people and prospects you actually want to communicate with. It is a way of sharing views and information and more importantly engaging with people.

The problem inherent to Twitter echoes the problem with most people overall marketing strategy – it is just too wide. Digi ToolBox recommends the following steps for a successful business Twitter account:

Find and grow your target audience

Engage with that audience in a fast and efficient way

Be available to your audience instantly 24/7

Build credibility

Join and start conversations

Ask questions

Don’t just sell, sell, sell – get them to want to ask you what you can do for them

Twitter has proved its worth in recent years as a platform for breaking news. It is true that most stories are announced and even discussed on twitter for hours before the mainstream media are ready to make their announcements.

The great hashtag feature keeps you up to date with latest trends and news worthy events. Use hashtags for your business to increase your exposure and followers.

It is not only good for promoting your business and engaging with prospects but there is also some awesome business stalking opportunities! Twitter has become a rich source of fresh information that keeps you updated with your industry, customers, and competitors.

Digi Toolbox offer a free social media lesson which can help your business understand if you should be liking on Facebook, Tweeting or using LinkedIn more. Call us today for a chat on 01489 29 70 70.