Grant suspended, Digi Toolbox offer free installation

IT supportAfter Notification that the £3000 government Grant scheme has been suspended. Digi Toolbox will be offering FREE installation instead

We write to notify you that the Connection Voucher Scheme (“the Scheme”) has been suspended with immediate effect. The funds available to the Scheme are close to being fully committed and it has now become necessary to suspend the Scheme.”

BDUK confirms that the funds available to the Scheme are now fully committed and that the Scheme will therefore remain closed in respect of the issuing of new vouchers or the contracting of new packages.
No further vouchers will be issued by Cities and no further contracts should be entered into in respect of pre-registered packages.

Every business in the UK can benefit from a fast, reliable connection to the internet but some areas of the UK have access to faster broadband speeds than others, with many rural areas receiving far lower speeds than cities and urban areas.

To address this and fuel business growth the UK Government has created a fund of over £1 Billion which can be applied for via the Super Connected Cities Voucher Scheme.

Digi Toolbox has been selected as a trusted partner and is able to offer a £3000 grant for businesses to improve their connectivity. No strings attached!

The Super Connected Cities vouchers are not available everywhere so use the checker here to discover if your business is updated.