The benefits of hosted telephony

Man in suits holding a telephone

There are numerous reasons why hosted telephony could potentially benefit your business. In this article we are going to look at the various factors behind why you should consider having a hosted telephony system in your business environment.


What is it?

Instead of having on site hardware the system uses the internet to connect up all your phone systems.



Your business may be based in multiple locations. But what happens if in one of those locations there is a power cut? With a hosted telephony service you could relocate to different premises. With a mobile system you could do this with mobile devices, meaning there is an additional option if you only have one location.


More productivity

Hosted telephony means that you don’t have to worry about the problems with hardware issues. This essentially means you can focus on other issues and reduce operating costs.


Better internal communication

With more efficient links between multiple locations and remote based employees you can remove a lot of the problems that can occur when one person or part of the business has a system that is different from the others. This means problems can be resolved more easily and it can generally make a business run more efficiently, thus improving service and productivity.


Remote working

What if you were working on a big project but one day you were sick and couldn’t come into the office? While you may not want to work you would have to in order to meet a deadline.

With a hosted system it makes remote working easier because you could make calls from different locations.



Some systems require you to increase capacity when adding users, thereby adding to the cost. With a hosted system you can add or remove users with little change in costs and hardware requirements.



With no hardware you just have one monthly fee to pay and very little initial costs. There may be some additional add-ons but ultimately it is up to you to decide whether or not they would benefit your business.



Because a hosted system doesn’t rely on hardware you don’t have to worry about constantly changing it- this means you don’t get the disruption or cost caused by needing to upgrade the hardware coupled with the time that has to be spent getting to grips with it and then explaining to others how the new system works.


Cope with demand

Often companies can anticipate when they will get a level of calls. But sometimes a spike in calls can happen at unpredictable times or events can occur you haven’t prepared for. Having an interconnected service allows you to marshal your resources more effectively.


Get the best

There are a range of hosted telephony services out there. Each one offers a range of features. Some may be suitable for your business and others may not be. Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your needs and find the best hosted telephony service to suit you.