Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ended – What You Need To Know

%name photoWindows 10 was hailed as one of the most major Windows upgrades in recent years. In a bold move Microsoft launched it with what they said was a year long free trial. However now that the free trial period is about to end (deadline is 29th July) it is important to know what you need to do in order to keep it and what is the best package for your home or business.


The basic Windows 10 package costs £100 while the Pro version costs £190. Therefore anyone looking to upgrade should consider doing so now in order to look at the features available and to decide what package works best for them.

While there are some glitches when it comes to downloading there are solutions available online so it is important to be ready and not panic.


Here is an overview of Windows 10’s features

• An easier to access Start menu with at-a-glance access to most used apps
• Uninstall link on menu for easier app management
• Optional tablet mode
• Cortana- The personal assistant introduced on Windows phone is now available for laptops and tablets, allowing for easier information searches.
• Edge- A new easier to use web browser, including an interesting new feature allowing you to write notes on webpages
• Windows Hello- Login using biometric readers or fingerprints rather than passwords
• Gaming integration- Play games on Xbox One, tablet, desktop or laptop

The Pro upgrade of Windows 10 also features enhanced encryption, remote logins as well as your own virtual machine and private app sections to make it easier to run your business via various devices.

In the Autumn Windows will also be offering a Windows 10 Enterprise, another service that could further enhance your business.

How to get a license

Recently Windows confirmed they are offering a subscription service for businesses, although they did also state a traditional licensing option was still available.

It is important to remember any free upgrade is tied to the machine you installed it on rather than your Microsoft account (as it has no product key). However if you have purchased Windows 10 there should be a product key you can enter in order to install it (it should also be mentioned there is no need to do a complete wipe in order to install it). Incidentally you can also do a clean install of Windows 10 using an older operating system’s product key.

It should also be said that if you are not satisfied with Windows 10 it is also possible to keep the license and downgrade your operating system if you wish.

If you are having problems with the installation there are numerous activation troubleshooting tips available online.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information on Windows 10 and how it could benefit your business please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss this in more detail as well as finding the ideal package to suit your home or business needs.