The Benefits Of Blogging: Why Establishing A Blog Is Beneficial To Your Business

%name photoMost businesses are now aware of the importance of having a website. However while having somewhere for people to see your details is just one aspect- having a regular blog can benefit your business in a number of different ways and below are just a few examples.


A regular blog can show that you are engaged in your particular field- you can show that you are passionate about the background of your business. For example if you sell comics you can talk about issues in the comic industry, benefiting from people engaging with you.

This is also the chance for people to get to know you- seeing a picture of a person that is posting the content gives them someone to identify with and associate with what you are writing.

It is also a good opportunity to highlight causes you are interested in, show you are engaging with the local community and generally show that you want to promote people around you and issues as well as your business.

More content

Blogs provide more content for your website. Aside from keeping engaged there is the benefit of getting more hits as people come to see more content. This in turn provides more people coming to your site and potentially more sales/leads.

With the right SEO it is also possible to get higher up search engine results. However be careful with this- excessive or awkwardly placed keywords can put people off looking at the page (and in some cases you may get blacklisted for abusing this).

Get feedback

Posting blogs allows you to get feedback from your potential target demographic, whether this is in the form of comments at the bottom or social media responses. This feedback can be invaluable and it is worth actively seeking it out in your blog.

Gain more knowledge

If you challenge yourself to write a blog every week you need to find things to write about. Researching news stories, topics for debate and so forth will help you learn about your chosen business in depth. Furthermore that particular knowledge can then be transferred to your own work and sometimes that extra bit of knowledge could help you secure a sale!

How to get the most from your blog

There are a number of ways you can get more from your blog-

1. Make sure you update your blog regularly (at least once a week)
2. Regularly research topics that will be interesting to write about
3. Try to make your blogs topical without looking like you are jumping on a bandwagon- it’s a difficult balance.
4. Look at methods of monetising your blog such as affiliate sales
5. If you don’t have time to write it yourself use a professional copywriter or someone with experience in the field- this will help to ensure the best possible quality

If you would like to know more about how to develop a blog and get more from it contact Digi Toolbox and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.