Cost Effective IT Support For Small Businesses

66712823_85f1f424b8_bWith the development of technology changing all the time it is important for businesses of any size to keep up. When choosing IT support or telephony systems for your business it is important to look for a system that works best for your current needs but can also develop and adapt to your business as it grows, adjusting to your company’s developing requirements.


User friendly

The system that a company brings in should be user friendly- ideally the company installing it should be able to demonstrate it to you and show you without using excessive jargon. If you feel confused by the system, then it may be worth considering another option.


Cloud technology 

Some people are nervous or suspicious of cloud based systems. However, it is worth considering as more people use multiple devices to work on projects. While security can be a concern it is possible to set up systems that restrict access, allowing for flexibility for the users without anyone exploiting the system.

The good thing about this is if your business grows and you use more devices or open more locations everyone can use the same system, reducing the risk of incompatible programs etc.


Consider your needs

With a business telephone/communication system you need to look at what works for you and your customers. Faster connections between departments cuts out a lot of frustration for both your employees and your customers. Ideally you want a system that works across a range of devices because this cuts out a lot of delays.

Another good example is effective monitoring of communications- you have probably heard “calls may be recorded for training and monitoring”- this is something that can benefit you too, helping to train employees more effective while at the same time troubleshooting recurring problems.


Don’t forget data backup 

This is something you need to be aware of- make sure you have systems in place so that data can be retrieved in the event of any problems, natural disasters etc. It may sound obvious but it is something that people may not necessarily consider.


Get the right system 

Essentially in order to get something that can grow with your business you need to get something flexible. It is estimated that a system can last between five to ten years so it is a big investment.

Therefore, the crucial thing is to talk with the provider to discuss every aspect of the package- whether it is a server, a telephone system or both you want to make sure they know what they’re doing. Ideally you want support in place so that they can adapt to your needs. Aside from the long term problems can occur in the short term and it helps to know the provider will be ready in case of emergencies.

If you want to know more about the systems we offer contact Digi Toolbox today and we will be happy to discuss our IT and telephony systems in more detail to find the ideal package to suit your business.