Specialist telephone numbers and their impact on your brand

old orange phone and bookshelves

What is so special about a telephone number? After all, if someone wants to call you they will look you up, won’t they? However, this is not always the case which is why in this article we want to look into how specialist telephone numbers can impact on your brand.

Easy to remember

In America businesses often use alphabetical indicators to help people remember (eg 555-HUGS). In England it is often the use of similar numbers that helps people retain the memory of that particular company.


The internet is not the be all and end all

There are a lot of businesses that work on social media and search engine promotion. However, a change in algorithms can negatively affect engagement by as much as 12 per cent (and this in turn can effectively reduce sales).


This is why it is important to have an additional source of marketing- a memorable phone number is something people are keen to go to when they need to make contact.


People may need to go direct

The internet is great in a number of different ways. However, when something goes wrong it is important for customers to access you when they need you, especially if their enquiry is not something that can be dealt with through automated systems or covered by their frequently asked questions.


Having a strong telephone connection and people who are easily accessible by phone will mean customers are more likely to stick with you if they feel you will be there when they need you.


A different kind of brand awareness

There is also the added benefit of dealing with customers directly- this is your chance to have a unique connection with them. The chances are mistakes will happen and with the right customer interaction it is a great chance to turn them around.


While it is possible to do the same through websites or chats there is something beneficial about the phone conversation- you can discuss what you are doing while you are doing, helping people to feel reassured that you acknowledge they are waiting for you.


All part of the plan

It is important to make this clear- this is not disputing the importance of online communication, promotion and so forth. However, there are numerous incidents where being able to communicate with someone can be vital and making the process as simple as possible can reduce customer frustration and will help to retain them. Equally it is worth remembering that a well put together telephone system is important for your employees as well. Where possible you should be able to ensure the communication in your business is as efficient as possible.


If you would like to know more about the IT and telephony services, contact Digi Toolbox and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail. With the right approach you can get the most from your technology and maximising the return on your time engaging with your customers.