How To Make Your Small Business Appear More Corporate

There are a lot of challenges small businesses face. People often want assurances that they are working with someone they can trust. This is why sometimes you can give people that reassurance they are dealing with a corporate entity, providing them a first impression sheen (and then follow up with the excellent service that will keep them coming back!)

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Yes, most companies have social media profiles, websites and so forth (another good example being a dedicated domain name.) However, a dedicated phone number still provides reassurance- it means you can differentiate from private numbers and means they know they are dealing with an experienced company and not someone just starting up.

A PO Box is also another way of helping to differentiate your working life from your home, so you don’t get business mail directed to your home.

Get the look

Professional signage, a stylish logo, a uniform (doesn’t need to be a suit- a shirt or sweater with a logo can be equally effective) and top quality photos can help make your business stand out in the right way.

Business cards

You should always have a supply of business cards- these can be relatively inexpensive to produce. However, make sure they do not look too “cut and paste”- they should look distinct enough so that they stand out from other cards in people’s wallets.

An introductory video

You don’t necessarily need a shiny expensive video but a well made introductory video is a great way for people to learn about what you do and what you have to offer them and can offer create a brand image people will want to engage with.

About Us

This is crucial- this gives people the chance to find out about you and the people who work for you. It’s important to balance it- you don’t necessarily want to be too dry but you should avoid being too self consciously “quirky” as well.

Contact us

Contact details should either be at the bottom of each page or in a separate section. Icons for social media platforms can ensure the site isn’t too cluttered as anyone looking for those platforms will know the icons to click on, while anyone looking for contact details will want to look for them (i.e. person, their title, phone number, email). This should also make it easier for people to contact the right person for the right enquiry, helping to reduce people being put on hold/any hesitation (Going “ummm” does not look professional!)

Get a decent website

Web designers don’t necessarily need to be expensive. However, people on the internet are now savvy enough to know when someone is using a template. Also, when working with a designer make sure the site they are designing is mobile responsive- this means that when they look at a site on a phone it should be just as accessible as when they are looking on a tablet, laptop or desktop.

Contact us

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