IT in the cloud- What’s all the fuss?

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You may have heard of “cloud IT”, “cloud computing” or “in the cloud”. But what is it and how can it affect your business? In this article we will look at what cloud IT services are and what you need to be aware of.



In simple terms cloud computing are programs or applications based on the internet as opposed to being based in physical computers or servers. Effectively if you have checked your bank balance online or used social media you have used cloud computing.



There are a number of benefits to using cloud IT services. A big benefit is the fact that it is flexible- you can grow or reduce IT services as your business grows or downsizes because they are based online rather than physical servers, as well as the added benefit of a pay-as-you-go approach as opposed to the higher upfront costs of a server.

Another advantage is that people can access information using a range of machines. For example if you run a business selling memorabilia the person selling items in a shop would have the same access as someone on the road selling memorabilia at conventions and other events.


Better collaboration

Things can get confusing when emailing documents- one wrong file can cause confusion and results in needless delays. With everyone working from the same document and using the same tools everything can progress in an efficient and consistent way.

This means that there is more of a level playing field for companies- a smaller company can have the same level of access as a larger one and it is more based on their responsiveness as opposed to the financial resources that they have.


Better security

One potential issue is that people may have is security- if everything is in the cloud could anyone get hold of it? Ironically the opposite is true- you can set the level of security and keep tight on who can access what information.

If you are worried about lost or stolen laptops, tablets and so forth then you can also use the cloud to remotely wipe the devices as well, allowing for an additional level of security.



Better for the environment 

In environmental terms cloud servers can adapt to the usage of companies, both large and small. By contrast with a physical server if it hits a limit then it needs to be replaced. This then means having to get a new server, adding to your company’s carbon footprint. Essentially it is also another marketing tool- you can reassure your customers you are taking steps to be more energy efficient.


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