Mission critical technologies needed to start your business

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When starting your business, it is hard to balance the various costs involved- what is the most important? In this article we will look at the technologies that could make all the difference to your business.

What is essential?

By mission critical what we mean is this- if there was a fire these would be the vital components that would allow to get your business up and running again as soon as possible.



There are three types of systems that are defined as mission critical technologies-



  • Hard real time- These systems need to be used at exactly the right time or things go wrong (for example a sprinkler system needs to go off immediately in the event of a fire).
  • Soft real time- This is where it is desirable for something to be used in real time (for example when typing out ideally there should not be a delay between hitting keys and for characters to emerge on screen)
  • Non-real time systems are ones without a real deadline so if they don’t work they are not necessarily disastrous (for example while having a social media site down can be annoying it is not essential.)



Your business may have servers. However, these are not necessarily mission critical- it is possible to use cloud servers that can exist outside the physical environments of your office or another working environment.



This is another thing to consider- your business may have a bank of desktop computers. Alternatively, you may have company laptops or tablets in order to be a bit more flexible.

Again this is something that is not necessarily indispensable- with a cloud system you could potentially replace laptops and other devices and still be able to recover data as necessary.


Telephone systems

This is one where the more efficient the system is the better. If a phone system is down it can be very frustrating, especially if this results in delays for a customer. Ultimately this is something that if you can get it up as quickly as possible you can reduce the frustration for yourself and your business.


Your business

In short for a new business it is arguable that there are two big mission critical systems- one would be a cloud server that would allow for data recovery and to get your business back up and running in an emergency and an efficient telephone system.

Naturally there may be other mission critical technologies that can be specific to your business- for example if you are an Italian restaurant and you want to make truly authentic pizzas then you would want a traditional wood fired pizza oven.

On a more serious level the equipment used in medical applications are all mission critical and anything that is damaged or unusable could result in delays or worse.

If you are concerned about what is mission critical for your business contact Digi Toolbox today and we will be happy to look at your current setup to see what is right for you.