Why WordPress?

deviceillustration-squareThere are a number of options available when it comes to creating a website for your business, with some more effective than others. One that allows for a great deal of control is WordPress and in this article we will look at the features and benefits to help you learn more about it and decide if WordPress is right for your business’ website.


Reduced costs

In the early days of the internet updating websites could be clumsy and take time with even the most basic news requiring a designer. Now WordPress access means it is much easier to do so and this in turn means less need to use a designer.




Another benefit of WordPress are the design templates- there are pre-arranged templates or it is possible to arrange them based on your own custom logos. You can also change templates for certain relevant events- for example if you were a toy company you could change themes for Halloween, Christmas, summer and so forth.

It is also worth noting that unlike other programs upgrades to WordPress software is free.


Mobile configuration

It doesn’t matter if someone is reading on a tablet or a mobile device WordPress can configure it so that the reader can access the information available and be able to read it effectively.



Being able to update yourself does not necessarily mean having to always being glued to your device- it is possible to write posts and schedule them throughout a set period of time.


More posts means more visitors

Another major benefit of being able to update more frequently is the fact more people are likely to engage with you and (crucially) keep coming back. Being able to instantly respond back to comments is also useful- being able to respond quickly will reassure your customers that you care and are willing to engage with them.

Equally you have control- any spammers or trolls can be easily dealt with and any inappropriate comments can be quickly deleted.



Better presence

Having regular blogs, posting on events and so forth will give you more of a presence online. This means people are more likely to engage with you and look forward to the content that you post!


Multiple users

With a WordPress login different people can use it- you can let marketing people take over when you need them to or if you go on holiday you can let other people update. Some people may be concerned about who can access the site.

Fortunately with the two step identification process it is easier to restrict usage and make sure only the people who want to access the site can.


Help is available

The good thing about WordPress is that there are plenty of YouTube videos, tutorials and so forth out there, making it easier for you to create your own website.

If you are setting up a WordPress website for the first time and want guidance we are happy to do this. Contact Digi Toolbox today and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail and help you get more from your WordPress website.