Content Marketing- What Is The Fuss All About?

You may have seen references to content marketing without necessarily knowing what it is or how it applies to your business. However it is something that can be massively beneficial without necessarily having to be expensive.

Spreading the word

Essentially content marketing is about things people will engage with that do not necessarily feel too much like adverts. For example if you run a carpentry business you might post an article offering advice on how to look after wood. Equally you could produce a video that does the same thing or create a quirky meme.

The trick is that the content can then be shared- ideally it would reach your target demographic but you may also get engagement from people who may not have previously considered it.

Of course this is also effective in terms of SEO- if you produce more content this means more people will engage with you as they see what your business is about.


Doing it effectively

There are ways to create content for yourself- posting photos using your smartphone during events, regularly writing blogs or producing your own videos. However for the best results it is worth using professional services as that additional polish can often make the difference- people are more likely to share something with good quality visuals and copy.

It is also worth looking at the kind of videos your audience looks at- this doesn’t necessarily mean copying them but being aware of the kind of content that they want to see.

This helps to get a “buyer persona”- whether you or someone is doing the content for you it will make it easier to create a message that the audience will engage with. For example a series is often a good way to get people to keep people coming back such as top 10s or looking at certain things.


The temptation is to either make content that is immediately relevant (eg an article for every comic book superhero movie that comes out) or will always be applicable (e.g. how to fix a shelf). In practice it is best to balance it out- there should be some pieces about relevant news topics while having something content that people can refer back to if they need it.

If this sounds like a lot of work it doesn’t have to be- freelancers and guest bloggers can be brought in to help with the content (and indeed guest bloggers can help to increase engagement as they help to share the content).

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