How To Ensure Your Regular Customers Stay Your Regular Customers

It is understandable that businesses look for new customers and to be constantly on the lookout for sales. This should not be at the expense of loyal customers, the people who will often help you through difficult times. This is why it is vital to know how to ensure your regular customers stay your regular customers.

Make sure you understand your target audience

This may not be as obvious as you may think- for example the stereotypical view of comic book readers or video game players is of teenage boys. However if you go to a convention you can see a much wider range of people. This is why you need to know what your audience is rather than assume it as this can result in delivering a message they don’t want to engage with.

Go a bit further

A study from the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that waiting staff received 23% more tips when they offered a second load of mints at the end of a meal.

There is the old saying “Under promise, over deliver”. Using restaurants as another example it helps to be aware- if you know the food is going to be delayed, offer a free drink without the customer asking. These gestures may seem small but they are appreciated and people will remember this when it comes to where they choose to eat next time!

Bring them back

Some customers may have been regular but may have recently chosen not to use your services. Giving exclusive offers or communicating with them may help to get them to become customers again. Equally seeking their feedback can also be used to improve your business in other ways.

Customer service is vital

It can’t be said enough- engaging with customers and making them feel valued is so important. People need to know that you appreciate them and that you value their custom. Regular communication and engagement will help to ensure customers not only come back but want to come back and encourage others.

Complaints can be beneficial

Regular customers are more likely to complain. It may sound strange but this can be a positive thing- a new customer is more likely to walk away if dissatisfied and not say why, meaning you may not realise there is a problem until much later on. If a regular has a complaint talk to them as this could help deal with problems with your business and improve your service.

We can help

There are a number of ways that we can help you when it comes to retaining customers. This is in terms of how you engage and communicate with them as well as coming up with loyalty schemes, considering long term marketing strategies and so forth.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you keep long term customers contact us today and we will happy to discuss what you need to do in more detail.