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Top 5 Issues On Your Website That Can Damage Your Business

People often say that your website is in effect your virtual shop window. Imagine you are walking down the street and you see a shabby shop with muddy windows and crudely drawn signs. By contrast, if you go next door the boutique you now see is well lit, easily accessed automatic doors and the signage…

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Do happy employees really make happier customers?

At a time when statistics are showing that the majority of UK workers (84.4%) are looking for a new role and 35.8% of employees dislike their current job, with a further 35.1% admitting that they think about quitting their job frequently – it begs the question, how productive can unhappy employees be? And how does…

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Mortgages & Computers

Computers and mortgages, previously, were never seen in the same sentence. However over the last few years that has changed tremendously. With mortgage lenders now using computers and algorithms to decide whether they will lend you money, now is the best time to use a mortgage adviser. A professional mortgage adviser will usually know how…

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