Mortgages & Computers

Computers and mortgages, previously, were never seen in the same sentence. However over the last few years that has changed tremendously. With mortgage lenders now using computers and algorithms to decide whether they will lend you money, now is the best time to use a mortgage adviser. A professional mortgage adviser will usually know how the lenders algorithms work and will be able to decide the best lender to approach, and how to approach them. There are a few options, and some you may have heard of or used before!

1. MoneySuperMarket

2. MortgageMagpie

3. CompareTheMarket

Out of the 3 options available above, the best option that we’d recommend is MortgageMagpie. The other 2 have been known to do credit checks, even at the quoting stage!
If you need any help or advice, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll help with anything that we can.