Top 5 Issues On Your Website That Can Damage Your Business

People often say that your website is in effect your virtual shop window. Imagine you are walking down the street and you see a shabby shop with muddy windows and crudely drawn signs. By contrast, if you go next door the boutique you now see is well lit, easily accessed automatic doors and the signage is clear and professional.

In order to make sure your website is working at its best here are five issues you need to be aware of that could potentially damage your business.

  1. Unresponsiveness

Increasingly more people use their smart phones or tablets to access the internet and buy items online. Not being able to clearly read the site using these devices could potentially be costing you so it’s vital to check this.

Responsiveness can also be an issue in terms of how quick the site reacts- a one second delay can result in a 7% loss of sales conversions!

  1. Wrong hosting

You need to be sure that the host you are using can back up your data, provide 24 hour tech support, guarantee 99% uptime and can adjust their services to suit the growth of your business.

  1. Not offering calls to action

Your site should be prompting people to buy your products, take up offers, engage with social media etc. A clear banner showing people where to go and what to do will increase engagement.

As well as having these for customers before they purchase something you may want it for after they purchase, offering discounts on items they are likely to want and potentially turning a casual one-off purchaser into a loyal regular.

  1. Not SEO enhanced

It is estimated that 39% of purchases come through people looking up businesses online. Therefore it is vital to check that your business is properly SEO enhanced. With the search algorithms regularly changing you need to use companies that can keep up with this to ensure that customers can find you.

  1. Check the visuals

You could have everything else in place and a site that is incredibly efficient but this may not help if the site looks bland, dated or the text is tiny, hard to read or has typos in


Going back to the shop window metaphor you know when somewhere looks appealing and when it doesn’t. The moment someone clicks on your site is the very short period you have to engage their attention so you need to be aware of what your site looks like and how to make it look up to date.

We can help

If you would like to know more about how to get the most from your website as well as dealing with other technical issues, please contact Digi Toolbox today and we will be happy to go over the options with you so that you can find a package that allows you to get the full benefit from your website and keep your company in the shop window.