Launching A Small Business? Top 5 Technology Essentials

When it comes to small businesses this can mean a range of things- everything from a self-employed tradesperson all the way to a company with premises and a small number of employees, covering cafes, offices, plumbers, artists and so many more.

Therefore, there will of course be some industry specific essentials. However, in this instance we are going to look at the technology that can benefit any small business and how they can help the business run effectively and grow in the long term.

  1. Tablets

The big advantage of using a tablet is flexibility- instead of needing to continually upgrade desktop technology or servers having a tablet to hand can make things easier.

There are also practical applications- being able to take orders down using a tablet rather than writing it down and sending it out can make your business more efficient.

  1. Cloud storage

In a worst case scenario imagine your shop burned down. While it would be stressful what could be equally damaging is the loss of data. The benefit of using cloud storage allows you to keep your files and data even in the event of a disaster.

This also ties in with another essential- data recovery can be crucial if your system crashes, equipment is stolen and so forth. As the old saying goes if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail!

  1. Wi-fi signal booster

There are various reasons why any business could benefit from having enhanced wi-fi- if you run a café having decent wi-fi can often be an attraction for people who want somewhere outside the office to work (or if they work from home and find the home environment too distracting).

It is also worth having a portable wi-fi signal booster because if you attend meetings or conferences elsewhere there is no guarantee that venue will either have wi-fi or it may not be up to your standards.

  1. Social media marketing

Social media may be relatively new in technical terms but it is increasingly relevant. However, this is not just for big name brands- for example using hashtags that relate to local businesses can also work well. As the name suggests it is about engaging on a social level and having the right tools can help you do this more effectively.

  1. Video enabled collaboration

With the emergence of video telephony systems, it is now much easier to communicate with employers, employees and clients via these systems. The reason this is important is because being able to read visual cues can be effective.

There are also additional benefits- instead of taking up people’s time in a meeting room you can record a video to show them while at their desk!

Getting the best

As stated before these are the essentials that can boost your business. But if you want more and need a solution that is designed specifically with your needs in mind contact Digi Toolbox today and we will happy to find a package that works for you!