Social Media Management Mistakes Your Small Business Is Probably Making

Social media can be a great way of promoting your small business- it is relatively inexpensive and can help spread the word. However, there are some potential pitfalls. It is worth checking to see whether you are getting the most from your social media and avoiding some of the mistakes that can unwittingly damage your brand.%name photo

Not using images or video

Quite simply images and videos make it easier for people to engage with you. You don’t necessarily need slick videos and indeed in some cases it helps if the presentation isn’t too full on or corporate (this is often the case with local marketing where people want to get to know who they are interacting with).

Not interacting

Generally speaking, the rule is “1 for promotion, 3 for engagement.” In other words, while you may be on a social media platform for promotion you should also engage them with other things- for example if you go to a convention and you find a restaurant that you really like let them know, or take pictures of what’s going on around you.

Developing contacts

Interacting should not be purely restricted to potential customers- developing a network of fellow professionals can be useful as well. Getting to know local businesses can give you contacts you may not have previously had. While you may think they are irrelevant everyone knows someone so it pays to engage with people!

Going too far

The phrase “All opinions are my own” or the equivalent are not a shield when it comes to controversial views. Ultimately you reap what you sow with this- some people may respect if you feel strongly about something but you do also risk alienating people as well.

Ultimately you need to decide what works best with the people you interact with- being authentic is important but this shouldn’t be at the expense of tact and discretion as well. In other words, social media networking should be treating like regular networking- anything you wouldn’t say in a conference centre shouldn’t be said online.

Not taking advantage of paid services

While it is true that there is a lot you can do for free on social media the paid for boosts and adverts that are available are worth doing as well. Aside from additional promotion for your business they can also be excellent in gauging the demographics of your business as you see who engages with your boosted/sponsored posts, allowing you to tailor your marketing more in the future.

Be consistent

Some people may feel that one or two posts a day or a week would be enough. Social media should not be an afterthought or feel like one- it is about being prepared to engage.

We can help

Initially this can seem a bit overwhelming. There are also the issues of choosing relevant platforms that suit your potential demographic. If you want more information contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.