E-Commerce On Your Website- The Benefits

The term e-commerce sounds like something that is the preserve of large corporations or very tech-savvy businesses. In fact, anyone can set up e-commerce on their business website and today we are going to be looking at the potential benefits and why you should consider investing in e-commerce for your website.



Essentially if you sell goods or services via your website then you are engaging in e-commerce, regardless of whether they pay through email or directly through the website. For customers, there is the massive advantage that they can order their products when they want. If the setup on the website is secure and user friendly then they will want to use it in order to buy through the site and crucially if they get the best service then they will keep coming back.



Another crucial advantage with a purchase through an electronic store is that any information that the customer needs is right there. While there are a lot of staff in traditional high street stores that are very knowledgeable that does not necessarily mean, they will know the exact information you need at any given time and if the staff are in training then this becomes even less likely.

Websites will often have recommendations and reviews from other customers, giving them the reassurance they need in order to make a purchase.

This also works for you as well- an e-commerce website can make inventory a lot easier to handle than having to do stock checks in a physical store. Being able to look at trends with the buying habits of your customers will also make it easier to entice them with special offers and discounts, turning what could be casual purchasers into loyal customers.


Cut costs

Owning a physical store can be expensive- you have to deal with overheads, rent and paying employees. With an e-commerce store these costs can be reduced down as you need fewer employees when using an automated system.

Furthermore, more efficient inventory checks and deliveries mean fewer excess orders and less time correcting mistakes, further cutting costs in the long term.


Getting it right

Potentially a website can reach billions of people. However, this is not going to be useful if you are not reaching your target audience- if you only want to sell artisan bread to your local area then getting enquiries from Russia or Brazil won’t be helpful to you.

This is why it is crucial to have the right form of e-commerce solution for your website that is specifically engineered to your product or service. Studies show that people tend to go for companies on the front page of any given search on a search engine so it is vital to ensure that your site uses effective keywords that are appropriate to your business.

For more information contact Digi Toolbox today and we will be happy to go over a brief with you and find the ideal e-commerce solution to suit your specific needs.