How To Get Professional Photos On Your Small Business Website

A common phrase you hear is “Your website is like your shop window”. The visuals of your site are the first things that people see. Therefore, it is worth investing in the best quality photos in order to get people to stick around and want to see what you have to offer. Of course, as a small business there may be issues with your budget. However, it is worth looking at what is available in order to ensure you get the best possible quality.


Use stock photos

One potential option is to use stock photos for your site. On the one hand, it can help cut costs if you just want to present a product- this may not work if you are looking to target a specific audience or want to make clear that your product is from a particular local area, so this may not always be the best option.


Hire a professional photographer

As with any service, there are a wide range of professional photographers available. While this may seem expensive initially using them can allow you to get the most from your product or your service- the right light can make a massive difference!


Use an upcoming student/independent photographer

There are various art websites and social media platforms where it is possible to find high quality photographers and other artists. That being said be prepared to get feedback from people who have used these services before- the quality of work is important but you also want to ensure that the person doing the work is reliable and will listen to what you want and stick to your instructions.


Be part of a business networking group

Networking can be crucial for a number of reasons- it’s a good way to build relationships and develop contacts. Another aspect is that as you get to know people you learn who regularly gets the work within the group- if everyone is using them the chances are they are very reliable!

Another major benefit is when you get to know people in this context they may offer exclusive deals to the networking group that may not necessarily be available to the wider public. Of course, it is important to not try to do this straight away but with the right approach you could get both a professional high standard photographer and a good deal at the same time.


Shop around

It can be overwhelming when comparing the various options available. This can be narrowed down by looking for people who specialise in the kind of photos you want (for example if you are a bar that hosts gigs, a photographer who specialises in taking band pictures is ideal), whether they are available in your local area and if you like their style of photography. Ultimately it is a visual medium so you need to gauge with your eyes whether you think their work is right for you.

For more information on finding the right photographer and getting professional photos for your small business website contact Digi Toolbox today.