Top Mistakes Start-Ups Make When Launching A Website

Website designers often say that your website is in effect your virtual shop window. This will usually be the first impression someone has of your company. Therefore, if you are a start-up looking to spread the word it is vital that your website looks like a glamourous store front in a boutique shopping centre rather than something that looks like a rundown junk shop that has a “closing this week” sign written in crayon at the front. In this article, we are going to look at the top mistakes start-ups make when launching a website and what you can do to avoid them.

DIY or getting a mate to do it

Doing your own website can save money and there are companies that can offer templates so you can make your own. The danger with that is we live in a tech savvy world and most customers will be able to tell if you have used these templates.

Another option to avoid is using friends or family to make a site. While it may be good if they are professionals there is the danger that if you fall out with a friend or family member they have access to your site so you may want to be aware of that!

Bad design

Bad design can include (but not be limited to)

  • Using low resolution images or stretching them to fit, making them look pixelated
  • Overcomplicated menus that make it hard for people to access what they need
  • Not offering e-commerce options
  • Not matching the content to the demographic- while you shouldn’t copy competitors you need to be aware of what they expect to see and tailor your ideas to suit. For example, the kind of imagery you would have for a bed and breakfast in the countryside would be different from a beach resort complex.
  • Not having social media feeds- This is worth including so that people can get up to the minute information.
  • Not having SEO- Make sure that your page is getting seen by using the right keywords (this includes tagging blogs, videos and images!)
  • Not getting feedback- This should be before you launch the site but also before any updates so you can build on any constructive criticism that will help improve it.

Not updating enough

Thankfully with the rise of customisable websites it is now a lot easier to update your website regularly. It is important to keep your site as up to date as possible so that people know what is going on but also shows that you are engaging with them.

Whether it is the latest promotional video, going to a convention/trade fair or supporting a charity event people need to know what you are doing. Your website designer should allow you to do that.

Make sure you are promoting it

You can have the best website but if people aren’t aware of it then you won’t get the full benefit from it. Make sure you include it on your business cards, add it to your social media posts and get people to look at it.

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