A Guide to Successful Social Media Management

Social media is the latest tectonic plate to move and change the media landscape. Powered by these changes, news has become immediate and available on new platforms such as smart devices. It has also changed the way audiences are created, targeted, respond and interact. With the exponential growth in digital media and almost 3 billion people using the internet, businesses are becoming dependant on technology to grow their brand awareness and to reach audiences not just in their local area, but across the globe.

Having an active presence on major social networks is vital for businesses trying to widen and target new audiences in new ways. However, if you do not have the knowledge and tools, social media can become quite overwhelming and that is where we can help you.  Here are some golden rules on how to use social media correctly.


We cannot stress enough how important it is to communicate regularly, honestly and genuinely with all content whether it is a post or response on social media. The more your audience hears from you, the more trust and loyalty you will develop over time. Giving your audience a voice and allowing them to share their opinions will encourage them to communicate with you more. Creating these relationships with your audience on social media will generate leads and also better customer satisfaction.

How can we help with this?

In each of our social media packages that we provide, we give you the option of how many posts you would like a week. Bronze being 1 post a week, silver being 3 posts a week and gold, 5 posts a week. How much content you want us to post on your social media platforms will depend on the size of your company and how much you want to promote your business.


Sharing relevant posts that your target audience will be interested in or actual audience content will show that you care. After all, sharing is caring. It can also be a great way to widen your audience and show that your business is the thought leader in your market. Retweeting, sharing and liking other posts will also build your brand awareness. Share content on ALL platforms, you might be surprised and uncover a new and different audience that wants to hear from you.

What we can do:

In each package we provide, we give you the choice of the different social media platforms we can post your content on. We post on up to 6 platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. As one of your posts per week, we can share other content that is relevant to your target audience, increasing your brand awareness and generating relationships with new customers.


By tracking your social data, it allows you to improve your marketing. You can see what you are doing well and where you are going wrong and a chance to experiment with your content. By accepting your past results and learning from your mistakes, you will be able to improve at how you market your business. Don’t know what to track? Start measuring the following results. For example; social media metrics (e.g. how many new followers, reach etc.), traffic (how many people arrived at your website), consumption (how many page views, time on pages) and conversion.

We will do this for you. We can provide full performance charts and research reports which will allow you to track how well we are doing for your business, and the progress that your business is making.


Original content is important. We now live in a time where people are incredible at remembering visual information, and marketers have to adjust to this. By creating captivating images and videos and adding them to your social media posts, your audience are 65% more likely to remember that piece of information – a good tip for increasing brand awareness.

We can promote your images and videos on your social media posts, generating new audiences and helping you stand out for your competitors. Not only this, we provide the services such as social media graphics, blog design, articles/blog posts written, social PPC and social media monitoring.


To find out more on how we can help you with the social media management for your business, contact us today and we will be happy to discuss your personal requirements!