Cyber Security: The 5 Things Every Small Business Needs To Know

When people think of cyber security they tend to think of large scale multi-nationals. However, any company can potentially be the target of hackers and cyber criminals regardless of size. Therefore, it is worth knowing these five things about cyber security in order to make sure your small business is safe online.

Don’t store what you don’t need

Aside from protecting customer information you should avoid keeping those details for longer than you need because the more you have the more likely your business will be targeted.

Be smart with security

While it may sound obvious people still use basic passwords with their databases. Ideally you should use a mix of letters, characters and numbers or adding an extra layer of authentication (e.g. a “prove you’re not a robot” tick or a security question.) If you don’t want to remember a large amount of passwords there are password manager companies out there that can help with this.

It also helps to use a system whereby people need to change their password every 90 days or so as well as ensuring that only the people that need it have access to the data.

Make employees aware

Everyone is responsible for their data they work with. Make sure employees are properly trained and know what to do with any data they are given. Also, if people use mobile devices or memory sticks make sure they are properly secured to prevent any loss or theft.

Payment protection is vital

One of the biggest targets for hackers is credit card information. As well as keeping your client’s information secure you can also reassure anyone wanting to use your e-commerce site that you will keep their details secure and they can use your site with peace of mind.

Stay up to date

You have to stay vigilant at all times, making sure that your systems are upgraded and that you have the anti-virus and anti-spyware programs in place as necessary.

It is also important to protect your wi-fi as if this is not properly secured then cybercriminals could access information through it.


In summary never assume that your business is too small to be targeted. Indeed, the opposite is often true- hackers often target smaller businesses as they are less likely to have up to date systems and they will be able to break in a lot easier. The right system, putting the right protections in place and keeping updated are all vital parts of combating cybercrime and keeping your business protected.

In simple terms it is worth making a little investment now and putting the systems in place now to prevent any problems in the future. If you are concerned about cybersecurity or want to know what system is most appropriate for the needs of your business please contact Digi Toolbox today and we will be happy to go over the options available to you and find the ideal solution to suit your business.