The Top 5 Social Media No-Nos For Small Businesses

Social media is potentially a great way for small businesses to promote themselves- it’s often relatively low cost and in some cases free. However, people can often make some basic mistakes when posting on social media platforms. Below are five social media no-no’s that you really should avoid when you promote yourself.

Avoid negativity

There is an old saying “Never cry ‘Stinking fish’!” People often think that because they put “my opinions are my own” or an equivalent in their biography this means they can say what they want. This is not the case- be wary of who you are talking to and remember that people can find what you post, even if you delete it!

Don’t just do one type of post

People often make the mistake of treating their social media platform as the virtual equivalent of an A board or a flyer. The same kind of posts are unlikely to result in people engaging with you.

While you don’t need to constantly engage with people having links to news stories, pictures and videos can help to keep people looking at what you have to offer.

Treat it like networking

This ties in with the two other posts- in a networking event people don’t tend to want to discuss things with someone who is relentlessly negative but at the same time if they feel someone is inauthentic or only interested in sales they won’t engage either.

Ultimately it is a long-term game and it is worth seeking out different types of people in order to widen the range of potential contacts. Following people who are not directly related to your business can help especially if they are based in your local area.

Avoid excessive automated content

Automated content can be useful if you are on holiday or if you want to schedule some promotion ahead of a big event. However, there are certain aspects that can annoy people- avoid automatic direct messages when people follow you or messages such as “X number of people unfollowed me”.

Of course, another side of this is that scheduled content can backfire- you only have to do a quick search to find companies getting in trouble for inappropriate automated promotion during disasters or memorial events.

Credit people you quote

Finally, this is a common courtesy- if you quote someone’s messages put their account in and acknowledge them. Where possible this should also be the case if you are sharing pictures or artwork. If you don’t do this people can get upset and can cause damage to the reputation of your business.

It is important to note that these are all basic rules. While initially social media can feel quite intimidating and fast paced once you get used to it the process is not any different from any other form of event or networking.

For more information or to get more guidance on how social media can benefit your business contact Digi Toolbox today to see how we can help you get more from social media.