5 Common Hosted Telephony Myths

You may have previously considered getting a telephony system but were put off for various reasons. In some cases, those reasons might have been myths that people repeat that are simply not true. In this article, we are going to look at five of the most common hosted telephony myths, to help you make an informed decision about whether your business could benefit from such a system.

The systems are more complex

Some people are worried that hosted telephony will be more complex than a private branch exchange. The opposite is actually true- with a centralised communication system it can be a lot easier to use. Furthermore, with clearer data on bandwidth usage it can also be better suited to your budget.

You can’t keep your phone number

Inevitably when transferring to another setup there is the worry you will lose your phone number, and with that the added expense of new business cards, adverts etc. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case, and if you move premises you can still keep the number, as hosted telephony is not connected to a single location, so it doesn’t even matter how many times you move or the size of the location you move to.

Only large businesses can afford it

Inevitably, small businesses want to be sure that their money is being well spent, and there is the fear that this system will be expensive to set up. However, this system can cut setup and upgrade costs, as well as reduced downtime, something that can cause more long-term damage to your company, in terms of lost revenue, productivity and public image.

Hosted systems also provide a certain level of professionalism that can make smaller businesses seem larger than they actually are. It may not sound like much, but this could make the difference when someone contacts you and is choosing between you and other potential rivals in your field.

It’s unreliable

Features within the setup allow for minimal damage caused by downtime. With the right host, it can be specifically put together to suit your particular requirements.

It’s not as secure as other systems

There is the suggestion that hosted systems are not as secure as other exchanges. However, it is perfectly possible to listen in on a call through a copper wire phone line.

A hosted system can be secured by being hidden behind a firewall. It can also be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also an optional upgrade, whereby you can set the level of access you want people to have.

Get the right one for you

There are a number of different hosted telephony systems available. What you should largely depends on the specific requirements of your business. If you are not sure, or would like to know more about the options available, contact Digi Toolbox today and we will be happy to go over the various packages to choose from and what will work best for you.