Microsoft Surface- Benefits To SMEs And Education

The Microsoft Surface is a versatile device, allowing you to remove the keyboard, use a stylus for creative purposes, while at the same time still being able to handle some impressive graphics. In this article, we are going to look at the potential benefits for SMEs and educational institutions.

With small and medium businesses, the ability to have a versatile computer is useful in a number of ways. For example, instead of switching desks, people could have their own assigned computers that they can take with them, reducing disruption.

There is also the added benefit that it is very lightweight. Therefore, if there is a delay on the train, it will still be possible to do work while commuting, even if there is a limited amount of space. In a clever touch, the stylus pen can be attached magnetically, so you are less likely to lose it.

A big advantage is detachable screens. If you need to show someone something, you do not necessarily want someone over your shoulder reading. Handing them the screen allows them to look for themselves.

A lot of the benefits that apply to businesses can equally apply to the classroom. For example, you could be giving a lecture about an artist, while people could look over the artwork while you are talking. Having a PowerPoint in front of everyone would also mean everyone could have an equal view, regardless of where they are.

It is also fair to say that some people learn at different paces. Being able to bring a computer with you so that you can show someone what you are talking about can make it easier.
A detachable screen also allows more room for collaboration. There are various ways this could be potentially useful, such as creating a story during a creative writing lesson and passing it on or allowing people to read each other’s work in order to provide feedback.

The Surface is also useful for younger children, as the keyboard is deeper, allowing for a more comfortable experience and it is also very responsive.

For both businesses and educational institutions, one of the major benefits is a long battery life. Effectively, this can be up to 12 hours. This can be crucial if you are on a long flight, or if you are self-employed and spend a lot of time away from places you can recharge your computer.

With educational institutions, this is also potentially very beneficial. This could mean being able to assign a specific computer to a student, allowing them to do more independent research.
In conclusion, the Surface’s versatility is ideal for both SMEs and educational facilities, which is why you should consider investing in them.

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