Top 5 Benefits Of The Intel NUC

The Intel NUC is a 4 x 4-inch miniature PC that can be used for entertainment, gaming as well as more productive purposes. In order to find out how this can benefit you, here are the top 5 benefits of using an Intel NUC.

1. Power
The Intel NUC comes with the latest Core processors built in. All the latest technology that you expect from a full-size PC is all there, so you can be rest assured you will get what you need from it.

2. Ideal for content creation
If you are an artist or someone who uploads a lot of videos, you need some effective and efficient. Fortunately, this allows you to create content, effective photo editing or any complex work.

3. Video
Increasingly, more people are streaming and downloading videos as opposed to using physical discs, often hooking up their computers to their TV. The NUC allows you to watch TV shows, films and online videos in 4K Ultra HD clarity.

4. Customisation
If you are getting a PC for your kids, or you want something to stand out (may sound superficial but could be crucial if you need to pick up your computer at the airport), then there are lids that you can use to change the look of your NUC.
There is also the free Intel Remote Keyboard app, allowing you to control the computer using a tablet or smartphone as a mouse and keyboard, ideal if you want to use your PC on the go without the need for additional bulky equipment. It is also useful if in the event that you do lose a mouse, keyboard or your trackball stops working, as you will still be able to use your computer.

5. Transportation
If you are moving house, it can be difficult to move a large desktop PC from place to place. Taking out a lot of the bulkier items it makes it easier to move it about. This is also useful if you want to connect your computer for watching films, playing video games and so forth. It effectively means instead of gambling on one film or game for a night in; you can give your friend or partner all the options you have on your computer.
It also means if you are collaborating on a project, it becomes easier to share information in person, as you have a PC that is the size of a flash drive with you.

Getting the most from it
There are a number of Intel NUC products and accessories, some of which will be more appropriate for your needs than others. This is why it is important to work with a company that can look at your requirements and make a recommendation based on those requirements.
If you would like to know more about how we can help you get more from your IT, please contact Digi Toolbox, and we will be happy to go over your options in more detail.