Benefits Of Hosted Phone Systems

There are numerous decisions people have to make when setting up a business. Communication is a crucial aspect of this, both in terms of working internally and communicating with customers and clients. In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of hosted phone systems.

A major benefit of having your own system is cost. For example, this type of system does not require multiple phone lines, meaning the rental costs are cheaper. There is also the fact because the infrastructure is based elsewhere, you do not have to worry about updates and maintenance, while the installation doesn’t require specialist engineers, all of which can be expensive, especially if you need to keep upgrading.

With a cloud-based hosted system, there is less need to upgrade, because you do not have to increase the size to match a larger business, so this will also minimise any disruption as your business grows.

Companies are understandably concerned about security. Fortunately, a hosted system has its own security measures, as well as backups and disaster recovery plans. Data can be rerouted, so any downtime is unlikely to be particularly significant or noticeable.

In recent years there has been concern about the reliability of hosted and VOIP systems. However, it is important to note that there has been a lot of progress. Now, many of these hosted systems are more reliable than a number of on-site options. If your company has an effective internet connection, then you should have no problem installing a system and getting the most from it.

Additional features
The additional features of a system depend on the provider that you use. Some allow you to communicate across a number of sites, while some allow for connections with people working from home or commuting. In a lot of cases these internal calls are free (though this is depending on the provider and the service available to you.)
This opens up a number of possibilities- such as allowing people working from home to say in the loop while at home, or by keeping in contact with people working at exhibitions or trade fairs from the office.

Getting the right system
It is easy to get overwhelmed when considering options, and sometimes people can have concerns that may prevent them from wanting to invest. There are different companies that will make different claims, and this can make it hard to know what is the best choice. It is important to consider what is most appropriate to your particular requirements, and in order to do that, you need the right information.

Digi Toolbox has the experience necessary to know what will work for you- what is ideal for a small business may not always be ideal for a larger one. As companies grow, Digi Toolbox can adapt to increasing needs.
To find out more or to discuss various IT packages, contact Digi Toolbox today, and we can help you find the best possible option for your business.