It doesn’t matter if you are a huge multinational or a small business, people will expect their data to be properly looked after. Part of the solution is ensuring you have the best possible security setup. One possible option is using Custodian360, an endpoint security system that has been specifically set up for use by small and medium-sized businesses.

There are a number of benefits to using Custodian360. Its analysis agent has been set up to protect your data from malware and other forms of threats that can circumvent more traditional forms of anti-virus programs. As well as taking down the threat, analysts are then doing a thorough assessment in order to prevent further attacks and increase security.

The system is very sophisticated, monitoring normal activity, ensuring that anything out of the ordinary can be detected and monitored. This works with laptops and desktops as well as data servers. Indeed, it can even look at any damage that a threat does to the system, repairing the system and rolling back as necessary.

One of the newest threats to companies is what is known as ransomware. What this essentially means is that someone stops a system working, demanding an amount of money in order for everything to be restored. Custodian360 can deal with this, effectively reverting the system to how it was before the damage took place with a single click.
Sharing the information

Another aspect of the Custodian360 setup that benefits businesses is the newsletter. This means you can see information about threats from the company, allowing you to also pass on these details to your employees to ensure they are aware of these threats, as well as reassuring customers that you know about them as well, providing peace of mind that any sensitive data will be properly protected.

Why it’s important
It is easy to think that cyber attacks will only affect large businesses. However, statistically, 1 in 4 small businesses will get cyber attacked, with 81% of all breaches estimated to be small business systems. Another aspect is that a lot of security systems were created to prevent attacks on files, whereas in recent times more attacks have been focused on the memory of computers and servers.

There are a lot of potential issues with this- not being able to use your systems could cause delays and frustrate customers. Furthermore, with GDPR rules coming in and an increased emphasis on security, customers are likely to demand that businesses take this more seriously. It is vital that you show that you are reducing risk as much as possible, and preventing attacks is a massive part of this.

We can help
If you are thinking about getting Custodian360, it is worth making sure that is suitable for your particular security needs. If you would like to know more or wish to discuss how we can find the ideal security set up to suit you, please contact Digi Toolbox today, and we will be happy to go over what you need in more detail.