The Benefits Of Letting Employees Work From Home And How You Can Track Their Productivity

Working from home and remote working is becoming an increasingly viable option for companies. There are a number of benefits, both for businesses and their employees. However, it is important to ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities, as well as tracking their productivity to make sure you are getting the full benefit from their work.


The fact is that some employees work in different ways. Some people prefer to do their work at night and relax in the day; others may spread out their work to include weekends. In some respects, this additional freedom can allow people to be more productive as they take more control.

It can also cut out a lot of wasted time- a lot of time is lost through employees commuting to work, while sickness is less of a factor when you don’t have to force yourself up. This also means that employees are not spending money on public transport, food and other costs, and this can often mean they will be more motivated to work.

Additional flexibility is especially useful for people who look after children or have other responsibilities such as caring for elderly parents or vulnerable adults, allowing them to have a better control over their work/life balance.


An understandable concern is that people working from home may get distracted and be less productive (although in practice often the opposite is true). There are a number of time tracking programs online, allowing you to monitor your employees that are working from home/remote working.

Sometimes it can be as simple as using a spreadsheet and asking people to map out how long they spent on a specific project. Alternatively, you can use programs that allow you to specifically check how much time has been spent on each individual task, giving you the chance to look over how much has been put in and whether their time has been used effectively.

Set tasks with deadlines

Aside from using programs, another way to help maintain focus is to set deadlines. This will often make it easier for employees to complete tasks when you need them to. Some people will spread out work throughout the day, other people may cram more in a shorter space of time, but ultimately if the quality of the work is the level you want and the final goal is achieved then is arguably the most important thing.

We can help

Different businesses will have different requirements. If you are introducing working from home and remote working into your business, then you want to be sure the system you put in balancing out your needs with allowing more freedom to your employees. We can go over the options available to you and help find a package that will be best suited to everyone in your business. For more information and to discuss remote working options in more detail, please contact Digi Toolbox Ltd today.